How to Use the Attachment Parenting Style to Get Closer to Your Adoptive Child

What is the most common fear among adoptive parents? It is whether they will be able to get close quickly with their new baby or not.
If you are one of the anxious would-be adoptive parents out there, know that there are ways to make bonding a lot easier and smoother with your child. You can use the attachment parenting so that you and your baby can get closer soon. This parenting technique is essentially about attending to your baby’s needs.


Here are some tips on becoming good attachment parents for your adoptive child:
Get yourself and your home ready for the child’s arrival
Learn as much as you can about attachment parenting. Read up on baby care and bonding tips. Be sure you have all the stuff you and your soon-to-be child needs such as baby sling, food, and clothes.
Nourish your baby
If you can, nourish the child through breastfeeding. Some adoptive mums take hormones and use breast pumps to trigger lactation. To prepare your body for breastfeeding, you can drink healthy teas such as fenugreek tea.
However, if you can’t breastfeed (which is totally fine), you can opt to bottle-feed your baby. When bottle-feeding your child, hold him close to your arms and lap.
Use a baby sling
To make your child become more familiar to you as his parents, you have to ensure physical closeness between you and the baby. You can use a baby sling or a soft-wrap carrier so that your baby will know your smell and feel your heartbeat.
For bigger children you can no longer carry, you can hold your child’s hands as you walk or put him on your lap when you’re seated. Consider sharing bed also with the kid.
These are just some of the ways to help your adoptive child develop a strong attachment to you. They key here is to minimize time away from your child—keep him as close to you as often as possible.…