Emotional Struggles that Every Birth Mother Goes Through During and After the Adoption Process

Letting go of your biological child can be the most difficult and painful decisions you could ever make in your life. Its emotional impact can have lasting effects, and it may be even harder to deal with than raising a child.
However, birth mothers do it for a valid reason: they have the best interests of their child in mind. Regardless of the reason you’re giving up your baby for adoption—may it be unplanned pregnancy, lack of resources, or young age—you must never be judged for your decision.


It’s important to know what to expect when it comes to emotions you will feel. Here are the common emotions that mothers like you feel during and after an adoption process.
Feelings of loss
This is much more complicated than the feeling of losing a loved one to death because in your case, no one has died but there’s still an absence. Mothers who give up their child for adoption feel terribly sad—and grieving is just a normal reaction. Aside from losing the child, the biological mother also feels losing her chance of being an actual mother to her baby.
Shame and guilt
These feelings are reinforced because of the society’s expectation of a traditional family, and your decision veers away from that norm. If you have family or friends who are making you feel that way, it will be healthier to talk to them about it—or if it doesn’t work, walk away from them. Believe us, it’s for your own emotional well-being.
Peace and sense of security
The good thing about choosing to give up your baby for adoption is that you can be at peace knowing that your child is in good hands. You know that someone else can better provide for your child’s needs.
As a birth mother who has chosen to have her child adopted, you are not alone in your journey. Whether you are a birth mother or a concerned relative of one, give us a call or send us a message for emotional support or advice.

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