At After Adoption Yorkshire, we provide a range of consultation services on post-adoption issues. We want our clients to feel that they are not alone in their adoption journey and to bring back their confidence as parents.
What we offer

• Appointments available in a number of local areas
• Telephone advice line
• Confidential advice and counselling
• Support groups for adopted people, adoptive parents, and birth parents
• An intermediary service for people who have traced a relative and are wanting to make contact
• A mediation service on adoption issues
• Staff with a range of experience and skills
• Consultation and training for professionals

Our services for adopted adults

• Individual Counselling
• Befriending by other adopted adults
• Group work/workshops for adopted adults on searching and related post-reunion issues
• Negotiation with adoption agencies regarding access to records
• Intermediary services
• Self-support groups

Training and consultation
We run training events and workshops for adoption professionals on the following topics:
• Contact issues in adoption
• Section 51 counselling
• Emotional impact of adoption and how to help parents and children cope with them
• Intermediary and post-reunion work
• Attachment work in post-adoption services
• Working with adopted young people
• Working with non-consenting birth parents
• Parenting strategies for adoptive parents

If you would like to book a place on one of our Post-Adoption Training days or come to one of our Seminars, please contact Sophia Fowler at 070 5569 5578 or send an email to

We will post on this website any new and upcoming training days and events organized and conducted by the After Adoption Yorkshire team.